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>I was just wondering what sort of field this group is covering? I am curious whether women-outside-bio are involved, as this is the only real group
>I've seen that involves women and science. Although I am doing my PhD in a Physics department, I am a
> biophysicist. Is there any reason why this is women-in-bio, rather than women-in-science? I am aware that bio-subjects seem to have a fair
>of women scientists, whereas women are under represented in other sciences.
>This itself seems to lead to different characteristics. Most of the bio women I have met have been slightly on the under confident side, whereas
>in Physics are more confident. It was suggested to me that this was due to having to make more of 
>an impression on their courses. Any comments?
>Sarah Tilley
>sjt at newt.phys.unsw.edu.au
I'd be happy to hear any comments from women in science (and in response to
some of the men who posted things here, their comments are interesting too).
I think one thing people tend to lose sight of in grad school is that
everyone is insecure (they're supposed to be -- if most people realized
how much smarter they were than their advisor or committee the whole system
would fall apart).
     In my own experience, I have found that being submissive keeps me out
of major trouble but I never really get anything I need (e.g., research money
from advisors, assistantships, lab space, etc). On the other hand, being
up front about what I need  seems to get me into major conflicts
with people (men _and_ women).   I've never been able to figure out if this
was because I was female or because I was in grad school or just that most
people you run into get a kick out of putting other people down.
                           Laura Simms
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                                 this is my first attempt to post here,
                                 so we'll see what happens)

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