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Mon Jul 26 12:41:33 EST 1993

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>	Perhaps it's women who have got it right - you know, the humility to 
>accept that one can sometimes be wrong - whereas (we) men are (usually) far 
>too arrogant.   Wrong, me?  Don't be stupid.   See?

Well, I'm a bit tongue in cheek here, but I do find men and boys tend
to try and get people on their side by bravado and trying to convince
others they are authorities on an issue, whereas women and girls are
more likely to get people on their side by trying to be likeable,
which translates into not seeming arrogant or know-it-all and leaving
room for other's opinions which may differ.  I think both responses
arise from insecurity and both are valid ways of dealing with that.
Of course, these behaviors are not gender-exclusive.  But it's useful
to know that what seems like arrogance may actually be insecurity.
The tough part comes when the men (or women) you deal with have acted
arrogant so long that they've actually fooled THEMSELVES.  Then they
get really hard to deal with.

Just my $0.02
Sarah Pallas
Baylor College of Med.

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