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Diqui LaPenta diqui at pathogen.med.umn.edu
Tue Jul 27 10:32:45 EST 1993

In article <23114g$41v at mozz.unh.edu> K_GHOSHROY at unhh.unh.edu (Kajal   Ghoshroy) writes:
>Hello to all those eyes out there,
>Thanks for making this network so much informative & interesting this 
>past week. Frankly though, I am on the verge of my first national 
>meeting & am getting quite nervous after reading all your experiences!
>Can you guys give me some tips as to what I should be aware of, careful 
>of etc. on these meetings? 
>By the way, I am from India, and so I am hoping that I will not be approached 
>with same ideas from the other party. Am I right? (there now I have included
>another issue for discussion--women-in-bio-of-color!)
>hoping to hear from somebody soon

Well, whenever you go to a meeting, there can be the "boys will be boys" 
attitude--people are away from home and can act in a way that may or may
not be their usual personality. The good news is that scientific meetings
are hardly the equivalent of the Navy's Tailhook Convention.  The only real
advice I can give is to just be aware of your surroundings--same as for
everday when in an unfamiliar place. If you feel uncomfortable or threatened
in any way *trust* that feeling.  Try to be firm in telling someone you're
not interested in their attention--no "I'm sorrys" or "pleases". There's
no reason to be afraid, just aware of yourself in strange surroundings. 
Good luck at the meeting and have a wonderful time.

diqui at lenti.med.umn.edu


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