female scientists

Tara Cox Matise tara at CHIMERA.HGEN.PITT.EDU
Wed Jul 28 08:39:12 EST 1993

I'm curious whether its just me - has anyone else noticed that many
professional female scientists seem to be stand-offish?  I am a female
post doctoral student in the field of Human Genetics.  I happen to be
a very friendly person.  I don't always enjoy starting conversations
with people I don't know, but of course, especially at meetings, I
often find myself in such conversations.  I have met several (usually
older) female Ph.D.s who were not very friendly.  When I think about
the male Ph.D.s I have met, actually, on the whole they are very
friendly.  But I would think the women would be particularly friendly
toward other women, especially (younger) students.  Sometimes I get
the impression that they don't have time for me ... ???  Or I might
meet them on one occasion and when I see them again they don't say
hello.  When I meet other female students, particularly those who are
new to the field, I try to be especially friendly because I want them
to feel good about their choice to enter science and I want to be

Has anyone else noticed this?


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