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EDU writes:
> I am also not very experienced, but I went to my first conference a few
>months ago. I was looking forward to learn and meet people, and maybe even
>make new friends. The first evening was a big disappointment - people were
>coming in groups, laughing, greeting each other, my professor was talking
>to other big guys, and I felt very lonely. If I were not so shy I could of
>made friends with other grad. students, but this way, I had to wait for
>other people to notice me and start a conversation.
This sounds like my first big meeting, but then I went on to a satellite
meeting and started to get to know people (big and small names).  Now some
years later I find that each meeting I attend I know more people (from
previous conferences, visits, articles, even email) and I find the
meetings to be a real social occasion.  I guess the same meetings are still
just as uninviting to newcomers.
  But I think that you will find that scientists are NOT generally
extrovert, maybe only in each others' company.  In my experience, most of
the big names are quite amenable to being approached and interested to talk
to students.  Sometimes posters are a good icebreaker - catch your senior
colleagues at their posters and they can be just as childishly enthusiastic
as the greenest student.

Kate Klier replied:-
>Another good way to meet other people at meetings is to share rooms...
>well, yes, they're perfect strangers, but often very nice perfect strangers.
>One of the profs here always requests a shared room with international
>roommates -- I'm going to try the same at the next big meeting I attend,
>since she always comes back withfascinating stories and new research
>Kay Klier  Biology Dept  UNI
I second this.  It can also save big bucks.
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