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Fri Jul 30 13:55:25 EST 1993

In article <9307301344.AA11039 at net.bio.net>, tara at CHIMERA.HGEN.PITT.EDU (Tara Cox Matise) writes:
> In repsonse to Kay Klier's query
>> One experience almost all of the women in my department have had is
>> advisees calling us at home... and none of the men seem to have
>> experienced this.  Is this a common pattern?

> I am a female post-doc who frequently called my male graduate advisor
> at home during my graduate studies.  We had different time schedules
> so this was often the best way to reach him.  I have, on fewer
> occasions, also called my current advisor (also male) at home.  I have
> never had a female advisor so I can't say whether the same situation
> would have been OK with her?

I was actually thinking more of the "Could I make an apointment to 
talk about my sophomore classes/should I take calculus or physics
next term?" sorts of questions.

I've also gotten a number of "my boyfriend and I had a terrible fight"
calls, which puzzle me... I'd _never_ have mentioned such a thing to 
my (female) undergrad academic advisor.


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