You piss me off!

Fri Jul 30 20:17:05 EST 1993

In article <23ccorINNcrh at MINERVA.CIS.YALE.EDU>
smith-una at (Una Smith) writes:
>Now I have to tell you bionet.women-in-bio readers something.
>I am *by far* the most vocal woman posting in any bionet.* newsgroup
>or mailing list that I follow.  This has been the case since *1987*,
>when the bionet.* hierarchy began and there were very, very few
>participants.  Now there are thousands, and only a small fraction
>of the articles posted are by women (and most of those are mine!).
>I know that many times more women read newsgroups than post to them
>because the e-mail I receive runs nearly 50% women (and I get a lot
>of e-mail).
If you don't want to read the stuff in this news group, then don't read it.
I think it's pretty appalling that you would trash people so badly for
coming out and asking for information on how to deal with various
problems.  You don't have to read it, you don't have to respond (it's
not your responsibility), and you certainly don't have to abuse and
browbeat the very people who you are wishing would rise up and be
   You're doing very little good with that last lengthy post of yours.

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