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Sat Jul 31 16:56:17 EST 1993

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>  I also agree with her that much of the posting in this
>group, like the recent discussion of how to deal with
>unwanted advances at meetings, is depressing.  Surely
>most people learn how to handle such situations before
>they get to graduate school.
>  Which brings up the question of why this group exists.
>I would have thought its function should be to discuss
>issues like the one Una is raising -- why don't women
>scientist participate more, not just on the net, but
>also at meetings, in letters, and other public forums.
>Una is right, most women scientists are wimps.  The
>question is why, and what to do about it.

Being the one who started the conversation on how to
deal with advances at meetings I feel I must come to
my own defense in this matter.  I am often a vocal
participant in several newsgroups on Internet, including
one or two bionet newsgroups.  I end up a bit confused
about how to utilize the newsgroups, even with Dr. Smith's
discussion of what the group is for.  I am a neuroscientist,
so when I have questions regarding neuroscience or want
to participate in a discussion about my work I go to 
the place where I am most likely to find the greatest
density of scientists working in at least a related field.
When I have a question which I have been unable to answer
adequately by asking other women I know at Berkeley, I
find it useful to ask advice of other women scientists,
as they are the ones most likely to have encountered a
nearly similar situation.

Perhaps I'll put out a feeler, any women neuroscientists
out there?  I'd like to hear from you, especially those
working in electrophysiology, mass action, complex dynamics,
and perception (as opposed to sensation), preferably in
mammalian systems, but also in any vertebrate systems.

BTW I agree with much of what Una has said, and I am also
tired of the "the system is so evil" discussions.  I'd
truly like to make contact with other women scientists
with similar interests.  So, maybe others can post 
brief synopses of their areas of research if they are intersted
in connecting with women of like interests.

Leslie Kay
lmk2 at


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