You piss me off!

Sat Jul 31 15:26:27 EST 1993

  obviously you and Una both missed the point of my note.  I don't like
abuse.  I particularly don't like it when the person hides behind the
guise of "your own good".  That's the major point.  anything else is
just a side issue.  I don't believe I was abusing Una.  I believe I was
just telling her what I thought.
     if Una didn't mean this as abuse and was not trying to get people to
fit into a mold of what she thinks they should be then I am mistaken, but i
think not.  I am not really trying to trash Una's opinion, just the way she
presented it.
  Do you read this newsgroup because you can't get enough of Oprah?
(my goodness that was an inflammatory remark too -- I suppose that I only
made one here and you made many is not really an excuse, but it does make
one wonder about your intentions.  If you're just here to stir up trouble
I will stop responding to what you have to say, but I thought I should at
least give you the benefit of the doubt and allow you a chance to
respond intelligently.)
Sorry about the account mixup.  I'm not Lowell.
                                 Laura Simms
(And no I have not been lurking -- just haven't had occasion to say
much until now.  Actually only just got here recently.  And I may be
leaving soon.  If the level of conversation here does not evolve beyond
abuse and needling, I'm probably going to find better things to do
with my time.  Science, for example.  Now there's a thought.)
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samodena at (S. A. Modena) writes:
>In article <16C1B11D43.LOWELL at> LOWELL at writes:
>>If you don't want to read the stuff in this news group, then don't read it.
>>I think it's pretty appalling that you would trash people so badly for
>                     ^^^^^^^^^                ^^^^^           ^^^^^
>>coming out and asking for information on how to deal with various
>The "problems" that you refer to make Oprah a fortune (about $37M/yr).
>You all should watch Donahue/Oprah/Jesse/etc....each day *female* VICTIMS
>are paraded...but how many shows are devoted to inviting
>women-of-accomplishment?  ;^)  Let's say a show on FEMALE molecular
>biologists...or female CEO's...or female chiefs-of-police....or female
>Why do Donahue/Oprah/Jesse/etc persist in their roman circus (see Satyricon
>to really understand the roman circus)...because it sells! And why does it
>sell? Just look at *who* is the intended audience!
>Some months back Erika make the mistake of disparaging POLITICAL
>CORRECTNESS and the sky fell on her.  "Women" came crawling out from lurking
>in the wood work to dump on Una, Erica had said the
>forbidden....therefore she was comdemmed for "trashing" her *sisters.*
>I contend that an analysis of the traffic in bionet.women-in-bio would
>identify some suitable condidates for Oprah and Jesse....I can see the
>scandal theme now: female AIBS attendee was irritated by a male graduate
>student that keep asking her about "what's your major" "who's your major
>professor" "what's your sign" ...etc
>....not realizing that his presumption of her sexual
>orientation was mistaken.....or worse, his presumption of her orientation
>was correct AND he's married!
><BTW, there are Usenet groups whose charter specifically accomodates just
>these major worries of life.....>
>> .... You don't have to read it, you don't have to respond (it's
>>not your responsibility), and you certainly don't have to abuse and
>>browbeat the very people who you are wishing would rise up and be
>This has the distinct flavor a Stalinist tirade...but then I'm mentioning
>someone and a vogue that you are too young to appreciate.
>Of course during the Viet-Nam War, a widely seen bumper sticker was:
>	America...Love it or Leave it!
>Una asks: how can you rise up, if you constantly wallow in self-pity; and how
>can you be strong, if you claim constantly to be a "victim" because someone
>doesn't obey your unilateral
>Laws-Governing-The-Femininst-Controlled-Universe?  (Disclaimer: Those are
>my paraphrases, not hers...she would be more elegant and incisive.)
>>   You're doing very little good with that last lengthy post of yours.
>So reread your own post again, and ask: what have I accomplished that is
>positive, constructive, truthful...and occasionally, profound?
>>From now on I probably won't be able to take seriously anything you say.
>This is great!  At least you know enough of Una, PRIOR to this public
>insult, to actually recognise her name!  Notice that you forgot to sign your
>post.....possibly because you are such an inveterate lurker that NO ONE
>knows you, NO ONE knows what you do, NO ONE knows your opinion, NO ONE cares
>if you net-exist?  Una never fails to append her name-signature...and believe
>me, Una is known far and the greater Internet world.
>Who did you say you were, Ms Nobody?
>(Yes folks, I'm IMfamous too.)
>>Why not leave this news group to those of us that actually use our
>Speaking of using one's brain....let's do a grep on whoever you are and get
>some statistics on how you use your brain on the net.
>Since you are critiquing Una, the comparative scoring is going to turn out
>to be someting like:  Lions -- 10, Martyrs -- ZERO,  :^)
>>(well you asked for some sort of response like this.  You got it.  Would
>>you like more and worse?)
>:^)  This is a fatal challange......whether Una invites you or not, I
>certainly do...go ahead: Make My Day.
>Steve   nmodena at

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