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>P.S. Re Internet and finances: congress is considering privatising the
>net because it costs too much to run. If you want in on the discussion,
>you can mail your comments to congress at [...]

This was discussed at length in bionet.general only last month. 

A synopsis: 

The NSF is switching from underwriting the Internet backbone to supporting
the efforts of specific organizations to get connected to the Internet.

Congress is considering letting the telephone and cable TV carriers into
the ballgame as Internet access providers, from the ground up.  Telephone
companies are already deeply involved at the level of providing the actual 
wiring between (and sometimes within) organizations.  These commercial
interests suddenly perceive an opportunity to make a lot of money, and
they are right.  The proposed congressional Internet "town hall" has been
cancelled, by the way, while congress decides whether it would be unethical
to allow telephone companies to supply Internet access to congress free
of charge for this purpose.

If you want in on the discussion, I suggest subscribing to the two Usenet 
newsgroups representing the Electronic Frontiers Foundation:

If you don't have access to Usenet, find an anonymous FTP site that archives, and get yourself copies of their more recent newsletters.
Before sending your comments to the U.S. Congress, do a little research to
ensure that your comments are well-informed.


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