getting emotional

Rachel Ruhlen RLR453S at
Thu Jul 29 15:35:02 EST 1993

I'm a beginning undergrad in bio (sophomore in college, actually).  Obviously I
 have a long way to go but I was wondering...when I have strong negative emotio
ns (such as anger, guilt, embarrassment, and sadness) my response is to cry.  T
his won't cut it later on, I'm sure.  If I get mad at someone and it's importan
t, I can't just go up there and start bawling.  I was wondering if anyone else
had dealt with this and how.
I expect some people to say "Well, a real woman, a strong woman would have lear
ned not to cry by now."  I've told myself that too often to think it might be t
rue.  The best I've managed is to reduce it to eyes watering until I'm in a pla
ce where it's more acceptable to cry.  And that leads to trying to get myself o
ut of the situation as fast as possible, by whatever means...even sacrificing m
y demands or whatever.
Anyway, if anyone has any useful suggestions, or thinks I'll "outgrow" it, I'd
like to hear from them!

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