Role models?

Anne Moore amfmoore at
Tue May 11 09:44:51 EST 1993

(This is my first post ever. Hope it works and apologies if it gets garbled.)

I have been teaching at the university level for two years now 
and have been startled to find myself in the position of the mentor rather 
than the "mentee".  What I have found most surprising is that it is the
male students, rather than the female students, who seem to be in
greater need of female role models.  In every course I have taught so far, 
there has been at least one man who did not entirely believe that I was
the "higher authority" in the course.  There have been men who go to male 
TA's in order to verify what I have told them, and other subtle slights that
I believe were due to my being female rather than anything else.

One man, insisted on calling me Miss Moore, rather than Dr. Moore, as was 
the customary title for professors at this school.  When I asked him to 
correct the habit, his reply was something like,"Oh, I didn't know you 
were a REAL doctor." Nevertheless,once enlightened he changed his habit.  
It took first hand knowledge of a competent woman scientist to 
dispell whatever stereotypes he may have absorbed in the past.

Anne Moore
Zoology Dept.
Duke University

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