FOLLOWUP: bias on net

K. Durack kdurack at
Mon May 17 11:25:41 EST 1993

I will be presenting a paper at the upcoming EDUCOM conference regarding
observations and user comments with regard to bias on the net.  I've
constructed a SHORT survey (10 questions) to followup some of the
anecdotal information I've gathered and to evaluate net use patterns. I
need YOUR help to put together a presentation that represents net users
and their opinions. 

I believe that _human communication_ is perhaps the most important thing
that goes on on the net, and that if it does indeed help minimize bias in
certain situations that is important.  If it doesn't, well, that's
important too (and maybe we should do something about it). Unfortunately,
just judging from last year's legislation and some of the more recent news
about the NREN, it seems to me the "people" component of the net is being
overlooked in favor of "grand challenges." (Nothing wrong with grand
challenges, but we should be heard too).

If you would be interested in participating in this survey, please send
e-mail to kdurack at 

K.T. Durack
kdurack at

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