bibliometrics of women publishing in science

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Fri May 28 20:48:35 EST 1993

There is a huge bibliography on women and science residing in the gopher
server at the University of Maryland (College Park), under the Women's
Studies directory. There are many references in there that pertain to
women scientists and publication.  Here is a brief description taken
from the


               Part I: A Selective Reading List

             Compiled by Susan Searing, UW System
             Women's Studies Librarian.
             sixth revision by
             Phyllis Holman Weisbard 7/92.

ites some key journal articles, several
representative biographies, and other works about the lives and
status of women scientists.  Omitted are occupational guidance
materials and curricula for the K-12 classroom.  For further
research guidance, consult the reference sources highlighted in
Part II.
You can retrive the bibliography directly via gopher
or telnet to and loign in as newmenu. Look under the
following directories:
  4. Educational Resources/
        4. Reading Rooms/
               9 . Women's Studies/
                        8. Resources/
                                1. Bibliographies/
                                        4. ScienceBiblio/

If you have problems with transferring the files, drop me a line and
your e-mail address and I will foraard the files to you. Keep in mind
they are a coulpe thousand lines long. 

Leslie Chan
Anthropology, Scarborough College
University of Toronto
Toronto, Canada

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