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Tue Nov 2 21:18:29 EST 1993

So I've been on the net for a month now, and have yet to introduce rude of me.
Aloha from the friendly state of Hawaii. I'm Karen Kroslowitz, 27, a
collections manager for Bernice P. Bishop Museum, and I just got married.
(It was great - I never knew weddings were so much fun!) I manage the
Malacology (that's molluscs) collection - over 6 million specimens and
counting. I'm also the youngest CM the museum has ever had - and I'm
pretty excited about that. Anyone else out there into museum work?? I'd
love to hear from you  and talk shop sometime.
I have a question I'm hoping someone will answer.
Not to sound stuck-up, or butch feminist or anything.... but why are there
so many men on the womenbio net, and why are they the only ones who ask
questions?? When I signed up, I had assumed that this was a pretty
strictly "women's only" kind of computer support group. Not to make you
guys feel unwelcomed, it was just my impression. Personally it's nice to
have you here. I think men should be out there, communicating, asking
questions, learning... but why is it that few women on this net appear to
be doing that? Ladies... what's the scoop? Are you feeling repressed
because you've allowed men to do all the talking? Shoulld this be a
women's only net - where men are not welcomed, and women can feel free to
let it all hang out? I don't want to be accused of discrimaination here
(who am I to be PI?), but I would like to say that you guys may be
cramping our style. I love the fact that so many men are asking us about
sexual harassment, discrimination, etc., but I'd love it even more if
women were as concerned and willing to talk.
So ladies of the net... let's hear it. Go ahead, I can take it.
Thanks for your input.

Karen J. Kroslowitz			phone: 808-848-4118
Natural Sciences, Malacology		fax:   808-841-8968
Bernice P. Bishop Museum		kroz at

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