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In response to your interesting message....

"You often find what you are looking for". Are you saying that simply
because the female students were LOOKING for discrimination they would
surely find some? Check your own message for a note that while male
students were encouraged to stay and continue work on their PhDs, the
female students were told take the MS and run. Sounds like discrimaination
to me and I didn't have to look real hard....
You bet I've been discriminated against. Called "a girl" because of my age, 
rather than given the proper respect for my position and accomplishments.
I've had men assume that I'm not capable of handling particular situations
because I'm female (the "weaker sex" in both body and mind). And yes, I've
been discouraged from taking certain classes and applying for jobs.
Mr. Foley, when you are a white male, and things in life are passed to you
as readily and easily as they seem to have been, you obviously have no
reason to question whether discrimination has ever played a part in how
you've accomplished your goals. But when you are someone other than a
white male, you are slapped in the face on an almost daily basis by
someone who believes that they can take advantage of your position, or who
would like to see white males maintain their higher status in the pecking
order. I hope you do not belive that female students and professionals are
the only ones who are aware of being discrimated against - obviously there
are a lot of minority males as well. However, they are not usually
sexually harassed the way women are. If you have a girlfriend, a wife, a
sister or a daughter, ask them about discrimination and harassment. You
may be surprised by what they say.

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