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Tonya Frederic frederic at ENGPUB1.BU.EDU
Fri Nov 5 19:59:21 EST 1993

In article <9311042043.AA14065 at mendel> you write:
>Although some of us haven't run into any overt sex discrimination, I think
>there is still plenty of subtle discrimination out there which explains,
>for instance, why so many women (like myself) have a lack of confidence in
>their abilities and tend to aim low (relative to most men).
>-Tonya Frederic
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>It makes me sad that we men have created a world where so many women
>have a lack of confidence.
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>     Richard Foy
>     Redondo Beach CA 

Assuming that was a sarcastic response, I'll set you straight.  I was not
solely blaming men for the lack of confidence many women feel in regard 
to their abilities in science and engineering.  Often women are also guilty of
contributing to the whole set of environmental factors that leads to these

Sometimes women are guilty of jumping to the conclusion that they have been
discriminated against on the basis of gender, and sometimes men are guilty
of jumping to the conclusion that women blame them for all their problems. 

If you were in fact truly sad about this problem, please disregard this letter 
and hey, stop blaming yourself.  Men didn't create the world alone.

Tonya Frederic
frederic at

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