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Wed Nov 17 09:17:00 EST 1993

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>Subject: jobs at smaller colleges
>	I am in the big university academic scene, and a post doc in search
>of a faculty position. I am quite interested in moving into a
>smaller college/university setting. Unfortunately I have very little
>teaching experience (in fact I was discouraged from trying to leave
>the sacred lab bench to teach as a post doc).
>		So, my questions are:
>		   Is lack of teaching experience a major hindrance to getting a position
>at a teaching/research institution? I do give quite good seminars, so I'm
>						Re: the research proposal..shall I scale down the scope of the
>research and point out where undergraduates could benefit from involvement
>in my research? My current advisor is quite helpful in the "high powered"
>research university format for Job applications, but is of little help
>for teaching colleges.
>		I am happy to hear any and all Job seeking advice
> Thanks, Candace
I'm in the same boat as Candace, although I'm still undecided about whether I
want a small school or a big school, so I'm applying to both to see what
happens.  However, the applications obviously need to be different and I also
would appreciate other reader's feedback.  (So far, I've only sent out BIG
university applications, so I'm anxiously awaiting your advice).
Thanks, Estelle

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