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Mon Sep 6 17:05:16 EST 1993

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>Today was my first day reading this newsgroup - and I enjoyed every post.
>How long has this group been around?  Are there any "restrictions" as to
>what one might post on this group?  Since people are on the subject of
>introductions, allow me to introduce myself.  I am a postdoctoral research
>associate, working in the area of membrane biology/biochemistry.  My current
>interest is in membrane associated changes occurrin in apoptotic thymocytes.
>I am now looking for faculty positions, though sometimes I wonder why!  From
>the couple of friends who have recently got into this, the stress levels
>seem to be quite high!  My husband is also looking for a faculty position so
>that sort of complicates the issue.  Plus, already I feel we don't have
>enuff time with our son (or with each other for that matter), so what
>happens when (and if) we do land these jobs?  It is at times like this that
>I wonder whether it would not be a bad idea to look for a job in industry
>(wherethere is a completely different sort of pressure).  I'd like to hear
>from women who have worked in industry, regarding the pressures involved and
>whether one can have more time with ones family in that situation.  Oops!  I
>just realised that my introduction left out my name - so I'll just sign off
>with it - Deepti Pradhan
>Deepti Pradhan  PXH at PSUVM.PSU.EDU         (814)863-1767 (Work)
>Dept. of Molecular and Cell Biology       (814)231-0503 (Home)
>Penn State University
>University Park, PA-16802

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