women and posting

Angeline Kantola kantola at carson.u.washington.edu
Thu Sep 16 13:12:11 EST 1993

Perhaps another factor in why women don't post as much to the nets
is, for lack of a better phrase, perception of how important their
contribution is to the discussion.

On the machines here at UW, when I prepare to submit an entry to a
newsgroup I get a little warning that it'll cost loads of money for this
entry to be sent to machines *all over the world* and do I *really* want
to send it.  Well, that's a good question, isn't it, and a bit
daunting--presumably exactly what the administrators want, to keep the
number of postings and hence costs down. I'm far less inclined to send off
stuff that doesnt' seem *that* important. Then, however, when I'm perusing
newsgroups I'll find no shortage of inane (or unnecessarily personally
harsh) postings, primarily authored by men, who apparently think these
entries of questionable value to the discussion are worthy of the expense
to send them.... 


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