Women and e-mail

Elaine Ingham inghame at BCC.ORST.EDU
Thu Sep 16 18:47:30 EST 1993

On Thu, 16 Sep 1993 DRAEGER at WINROCK.ORG wrote:

> I found the comments about women using E-mail to be very interesting. This 
> subject came up earlier when Una Smith urged us to expand from this net 
> into the larger scientific net. So tell me what are the advantages of using 
> the system at large? I have been on a number of nets for some time and have 
> hardly encountered subjects that I would feel the need to comment on or 
> question. Am I on the wrong nets? Or do I simply not understand the 
> importance of being connected to the greater scientific community? I am 
> serious when I say that I would like to know the advantages and benfits of 
> using and contributing to system. Is this a new version of the "old boys" 
> network? 
> Kathy
> Draeger at Winrock.org  (formerly kdraeger at soils.umn.edu)

One interesting advantage that I've noticed recently is to send out an
inquiry for information - like "Can you send me all you know about PCR"?
or "How do you measure photosynthesis?"   What a great way to get your
lit searches done for you!

On a less cynical note, you can ask questions of the net when you aren't
getting your questions answered at whatever place you work, and discover
that you are not alone in your frustration or joy!

You can test possibly hair-brained observations on your
colleagues without having them printed in a journal where people will
flame you for the rest of your life!

Elaine Ingham

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