Pay Equality

Patti Halpin ST402936 at BROWNVM.BROWN.EDU
Fri Sep 17 14:39:52 EST 1993

		I've been listening to this list without posting, mostly because my old
system bounced all my attempts. But another list I subscribe to (Ecolog-L)
been discussing pay inequities between men and woman academics, and it
me as a subject very pertinent to this group. In particular I am interested
hearing how female academics on this list negotiated their salary and
money, and whether they have any way of finding out how they compare to
male colleagues. Also, pay inequities get worse as women progress in their
careers, how does one gauge what an appropiate raise amount and schedule
		By way of introduction, I am a grad student in Ecology and Evolutionary
Biology, and expect to graduate in the spring. My thesis is on the
population ecology of salt marsh fish. I am currently looking into Postdoc
positions involving ecophysiology.

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