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Mon Sep 20 13:11:02 EST 1993

Hi everybody:

I have been reading this newsgroup for the past month or so, and have found it
to be very educational because it has addressed questions on career/family
academics/industry etc that I am interested in.

I had a question for people on the net -- what kind of daycare facilities do
your Universities provide?  Here at Duke, the waiting list for the Duke daycare
is one to two years and depends on several factors including parental income.
We were going to try and talk with our dept and a couple of other depts about
getting some sort of departmental childcare organized.

My question is -- Have other departments tried this scheme in other Univs?
Could you please send me details?  In particular, I believe some of the
biological sciences depts at one of the schools in the Univ of Oregon system
have a working scheme for departmental daycare (I think I read about this in
the journal Science).  If anybody has any specifics, I would like to find out.

By way of introduction, I am a first-year post-doc in the cell biology dept at
Duke.  For my present research, I use laser tweezers and video microscopy to
study the mechanisms of cell movement.  For my graduate work, I used the patch-
clamp technique to study the mechanisms of exocytotic secretion in mast cells.
The daycare question is of importance to me because I am expecting in Nov.  And,
while I do not expect to get anything up and running by the time I need it, I
would like to get the ball rolling.

Thanks for any information,


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