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>Hi everybody:
>I have been reading this newsgroup for the past month or so, and have found it
>to be very educational because it has addressed questions on career/family
>academics/industry etc that I am interested in.
>I had a question for people on the net -- what kind of daycare facilities do
>your Universities provide?  <other stuff edited out>
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I am at the only medical school in Oregon, and therefore can't speak for my
colleagues at U of O, although the few faculty I know at the Biol Dept of U of
O do NOT have their kids at a University-provided daycare.  At OHSU (Oregon
Health Sciences University) there is no "university-provided daycare".  There
is a private individual to whom the university contracts out space and she runs
a daycare on campus.  Unfortunately, I do not agree with her very regimented
ideas of how to run a daycare, so I absolutely refuse to have my daughter there
even though it would be very convenient.  Instead I go quite a ways out of my
way to take my daughter to a non-profit daycare in town that is one of the best
in Portland.  It is a United Way agency and has scholarships and a sliding
scale of payment that depends upon the income of the parent(s). Students should
look into such daycares if they are available in your area.  Any good daycare
facility will have a very long waiting list.

Rae Nishi
Portland OR

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