Women and minority candidates for faculty positions

Peter M. Muriana muriana at aclcb.purdue.edu
Mon Apr 11 08:00:09 EST 1994

Hello Netters,

In several committees that I have been involved with, the topic of how
to increase the number of women and minorities in faculty positions has
come up several times (because there is a strong desire to do so not only 
University-wide, but also in the School of Agriculture where I am situated)
.  Competition is keen among open faculty positions, especially with 
as many as 30-60 candidates applying, but the main problem is how to 
increase the number of women and minorities **hired** when they make up a 
very low proportion of the candidate pool and without sacrificing quality.
A reason that they make up such a low proportion of the total applicant 
pool is that there are very few women and minorities in Agriculture, 
nevertheless there is a strong desire to increase their numbers holding 
positions within our school - the question is how?
  Another question that
has come up is retention of women and minority faculty candidates - the 
tenure process is difficult (highly understated) and combined with child-
bearing, even more so; in regard to minorities, it has been suggested that
the lack of similar minority types may affect retention of minority faculty
.  I would be very appreciative if any netters have suggestions with which 
some of these problems can be approached, if not solved, I would welcome 
them and submit them to those in the administration who are in a position 
to something about it.

Regards, Peter
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