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Mon Apr 25 14:37:59 EST 1994

Dear Allis-
Why not ask the surgeons you have seen to show you before & after photos
of some of their previous patients. Confidentiality could be observed,
while providing you reassurance. Also, you can check with the American
Medical Association offices in Pittsburgh or Boston and ask whether either
of the doctors has had a malpractice or other complaint filed against
them. I once filed a complaint myself, so this does actually work.
You could also try your local university library for books on plastic
surgery, or evn the Journal of the AMA for articles on plastic surgery and
take notes on the author(s)'s names. You may be able to get a referral
this way.
I should think that any large city or university hospital would have
adequate staff to handle your surgery if, as you say, it's a relatively
simple technique. Try calling the Chief of Staff's office for a referral,
or check with your insurance agency for a referral. 
It sounds as if you are a bit nervous about the surgery, and I certainly
don't blame you, but give yourself some time to find the right surgeon. 
And Good Luck!!

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