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Jane Harrison JEB.Harrison at
Mon Aug 8 02:31:52 EST 1994

Just my $0.02 worth on this thread.

I did a Bsc and Msc back to back in the same department straight from
school.  By the end of the MSc I was burnt out, and I took a job as a
Kitcehn hand in the teching labs, after about three weeks I was bored, so I
applied for and got a technians job.  For the first couple of months I
worked the 40 hour week and was bascially told what to do.  After a time I
got bored with this and asked for more responsiblity towards my own
projects.  Now I have just enrolled in a PhD with the same boss and have
own little project to run. 

All of this means that I set my own work hours-Hating morings I tend to
arrive at about 9.30am (It also means I'm not on my bike in rush hour
traffic) and leave about 8.00 at night.  But I find that after a couple of
months of this I will just stop work and cruise (turn up, do my general lab
duites and then dissappear for the day)this lasts two to three days before
I'm bored with the free time.

I am unlikely to want to have children of my own for various reasons, but I
do find it very difficult to find time in all of this for a personal life.
Its very hard to explain to someone outside of sciense why I feel I have to
go to the lab for most of Saturday or Sunday.  

I find the time I spend outside of the Lab becomes very preciuos to me, and
I will only do things I enjoy-cycling, swimming, photography and films.  I
tend to avoid parties as I hate them, making me appear to be a complete
antisocial workaholic.  

Just adding volume to the discussion:)


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