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>Hello all,
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>Are their any women out there who have what they consider high-
>powered careers and have a supportive spouse who takes care of most
>of the household stuff, including childcare?  Just wondering if the
>old paradigm works in the opposite direction.
>Leslie Kay
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Look, it doesn't have to be lopsided for a woman (or a man) to be successful at
a demanding job. My husband and I share duties- I get the kids ready in the
morning and take them to daycare.  He picks them up and cooks dinner.  We pay
for someone else to clean the house and have even paid for mowing the lawn and
fertilizing etc.  Our house and our cars are not immaculate; our lives are
hectic but when the weekend comes we have fun with the kids. 'Course we can do
this because we have the income to afford it.  Don't think our solution would
work for two in grad school but could work for one with a paying job and one in


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