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Leszek Andrzej Kleczkowski lakleczk at bioslave.uio.no
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: I am gathering information on what other universities have done to 
: accomodate spouses of biology (or other science) faculty members.  Any 
: information on the situation at your university would be much appreciated. 
:  For example, are any couples splitting or otherwise sharing a single 
: position, have new positions been created, and if so, what fraction of 
: full time are people appointed at?  Also, what problems have arisen during 
: negotiations for such arrangements or after they have been made?  How many 
: faculty members have left a university because their spouse has been 
: unable to obtain a position?

In the current situation in the US universities, where in excess of 100 
candidates per one assistant professor position apply, I think it is 
highly immoral (or at least ethically dubious) to have University 
officials negotiating employment with a scientist having scientist-spouse 
as a "joint package". In cases I am familiar with, one person ends up as 
a faculty (or on tenure-track) and the other as sort of "research 
assistant professor", which eventually leads to tenured position.

Now the relevant question:  how likely it is that BOTH spouses will edge 
over 100 qualified candidates per position?  In cases that I know it was 
the male part of the family who got the "lead" position, with the woman 
ending up as research ass. prof.  I am sure there are opposite cases 
(with women getting "lead" position), but they are probably less 
numerous.  In any case, negotiating a faculty position (or tenure-track) 
for a spouse is not an exception, however disgusting it may be for those 
who value merit in job applicants.

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