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>>As a student in the UC system, I can't say that I have ever had a male (or
>>female, there are such creatures, remember?) grab me or act in any way
>>that could be construed as harassment.  The one case of harassment filed
>>recently was against another student, and the faculty members are all
>>very aware of the problem. 
>Just for the record, lest someone actually think sexual harassment is
>a thing of the past, most surveys report 25-30% of academic women have
>experienced gender-based harassment at least once.  Men report at 5%,
>so that's a big difference.  I've seen and experienced quite a lot of
>it myself, so perhaps you've been lucky and are surrounded somehow by
>only nice people.  Not all of us are so fortunate.

But, did these situations convince you that men with PhDs ARE mysogynistic
by nature?  

For the record, I did have to deal with some "unwanted attention".  It
left me with the knowledge of how uncomfortable that can be, and with
the conclusion the person in question had very questionable ability to 
interact socially with women, in the workplace.  

I am not saying sexual harassment is history and that discrimination
against women doesn't happen.  I am simply complaining on the "us vs.
them/men are scum, women are martyrs" attitude.  Perhaps I have simply
been lucky to interact with both younger and older faculty that behaved
as fits a person in their positions.  And having known such people, I 
bristle at generalizations that cast them in roles they haven't played,
to my knowledge. 

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