The "married in grad school w/ children" infamous thread

But my good woman, you are a man! ADREGER at UCS.INDIANA.EDU
Sat Aug 27 11:07:24 EST 1994

A few brave souls have now written in to request this thread, which has
become unbelievably violent linguistically, be ended.  What will it take
to end it?  I think this thread has shut down a hole slew of dialogue
because people are just so frightened of seeing any womenbionet mail,
and because their postings are likely to get so vehemently attacked.
I do think the net is a good place to share warnings and vent, but there
is a limit to how much you can humanly impose on your fellow net-ers.

Will all those out there who want to see some new dialogue please say
so?  It only take a minute to put in a vote for this?

I am really sorry that some people have had absolutely horrendous
experiences.  I try to acknowledge their pain as much as I can.  But I
don't think this dialogue is at all productive at this point.


Alice Dreger
Indiana U.

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