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>Yes, people like that DO work in Universities.  They're called Professors.  
>They think that you're game once you're out of kindergarten, er, I mean, 
>your undergraduate program.  They're *starting* to figure out that grad
>students are also off-limits, but female post-docs are just treated no 
>better than whores.   Some of them behave no better, and guess what?  
>They're the ones that are employed 5 years down the road.  
>Guess you'll just have to find out the hard way.  
>Enjoy graduate school---which, as I understand, you haven't started yet.
>Cheryl A. Stewart		after 1 September:
>Santa Fe Institute 		430 Kelton Avenue #409
>1399 Hyde Park Road		Los Angeles CA 90024
>Santa Fe, NM  87501

Dear Cheryl,
   You seem very bitter and perhaps justifiably so considering your past 
experiences.  But is there any consideration left in your heart for those 
honest, hardworking souls whom you collectively slandered above (i.e., 
"they're called professors") who don't aspire to the conduct that left you 
so embittered?  Did every "male" professor treat you in that way, or 
perhaps just the sordid one in question? 
  Wish you well,
Regards, Peter (I just hate being lumped in there with the crud)
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