areal scientis

lederman MLJAP at VTVM1.CC.VT.EDU
Sun Aug 28 15:13:16 EST 1994

Does it really do anyone any good to argue about what a "real scientist"
is? I thought one of the purposes of nets like this and WISENET was to
encourage all women in science - even those who were just beginning.
If we're going to pull the same hierarchical crap everyone lays on us,
I'd be pretty sad. Is a non-productive (research-wise) tenured full
professor (male or female) who is neverthless a fabulous teacher, and
makes a subject so exciting that people decide to major in science
"not a real scientist"?  What about sophomores who can ask interesting,
creative questions? I think the thread is made of really strong silk and
it's wrapping us up in bad ways. Muriel Lederman, Biology, Virginia Tech

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