Advice Sought

Wendy Wortham wendy at
Sat Dec 3 18:30:54 EST 1994

To make what could be a long story/question shorter, I'm looking for
information that will help me decide what I should do once I finish my B.S.
in biochemistry.  I've always assumed I'd go straight into grad school and
complete a Ph.D. program.  I thought, however, that by this time, I'd have
a much better idea of what exactly I'm interested in.  It seems I'm one of
those lucky people who loves everything she studies.  I think I'd enjoy
virology, immunology, nutrition, toxicology, pharmacology, even
parasitology.  So how do I make up my mind?  Does anyone have any
suggestions?  I know that there are others who have dealt with the same
issue, but I'm having difficulty tracking them down.  

On a related note, if I should choose to postpone graduate school in order
to take a job and get my feet a bit wet (might this be advisable?), does
anyone know what types of jobs are available with only a BS in biochem? and
what the average salaries might be?  I've looked everywhere for books
(something like "What you can do with your biochemistry degree" would be
great!) but I must be looking in the wrong places (even though I'm very

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Also, if there are others
who read this who are asking themselves the same or similar questions, I'd
be interested in setting up dialogue to discuss what you're thinking about,
and how you're approaching the problem, since sometimes it helps just to
have someone else to bounce ideas around with.


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