What is Success

Cindy Hale chale at sage.nrri.umn.edu
Tue Feb 1 11:56:47 EST 1994

   I agree with what Sarah Pallas said recently and because of that have 
made it a priority for myself to explain this and to support new people 
coming into or thinking about coming into the grad school scene.  I seem 
to always see them relax and become more confident, sometimes right before 
my eyes.  While I don't go out in search of all the new students every 
quarter, anyone who generally says things like "don't know what I'm doing, 
etc etc." gets a little reality check and pep talk.  I hope this doesn't 
sound arrogant on my part.  I just see it as a waste of a valuable human 
resource to let people flayle around for so long.
  I will acknowledge that some people do operate better by learning it on 
their own but there are a lot of people, myself included who can really 
benefit by being let in on a few basis realities, pointed in a direction 
and then given a little kick.  I recently changed advisors because my 
former will be leaving this spring.  While he was a nice guy, he has a 
very hands off style of advising. If you track him down and ask specific 
questions he will answer them but volunteered little.  My new advisor is 
much more interactive and I can ask general questions, like "How do others 
do this? or "What are some specific expectations in terms of my work, 
timing, politics in the department, etc."  With all that out of the way I 
have been more productive in the last month than the previous three!
   Anyway,   Thanks for the comments Sarah,  Cindy Hale

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