Different types of advisors/mentors

Vicki Finkenstadt eog at mace.cc.purdue.edu
Tue Feb 1 15:36:38 EST 1994

greetings, gentlefolk.
My advisor is from New Zealand and has a curious way of doing things.
He says to check with him every other day, but then looks bored when
I report what I've been doing for the last 24 hours. I ask him for
information (like the original input/output files that he used for a
paper so that i may check my work), and he thinks that I don't need it,
then when I show him my work which is different than his results, he
tells me to find the information I requested a month ago when I saw 
where the project was headed. It turns out to be on the shelf in his office.
I'll come to him with an idea and he'll tell me not to pursue it. Then
6 months later he'll tell me to do the exact same thing I suggested.
I am not complaining. I admit that I have learned a great deal and enjoy
working things out for myself. It's one of those things that is grouped
under the heading, "Care and Feeding of your Professor."
I was just wondering if any others have similar expereinces.
Regards and respects,

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