pornography on the computers

nishir at nishir at
Wed Feb 2 14:25:03 EST 1994

I've been following the discussion started by Tonya with alot of interest. 
Here's my two cents worth: as an advisor with "ultimate" control over how the
lab computers are used, I would like to know if anyone's use offends anyone
else in the lab.  If the offender could be told directly (but privately, not in
front of others) about the offensive behavior, then great.  But if the subject
is touchy, it would be better to tell the lab chief and let the lab chief deal
with the issue. I would certainly not like to find out such a thing through
someone humiliating another in lab meeting. This goes for offensive pictures,
useage of games etc.  Although some first amendment rights may be at stake
here, I think that general lab etiquette should prevail... if someone's
behavior offends one or more people in the lab, then the offended should come
talk to me and the offender will then be told privately to stop or to limit
their useage to times that will not create an offense.  That is the duty of the
lab chief: to intervene and be a mediator so that personal wars do not break
out in the lab.

Rae Nishi
Assoc. Prof.
Portland OR 

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