pornography on the computers

Paul Barton-Davis pauld at
Wed Feb 2 20:02:45 EST 1994

In article <2ijtc5$e58 at> josh at (doc) writes:
>This is the approach of the Computer Science department here at UW,
>or so my wife tells me (she's a student over there). No pornographic
>images allowed on their equipment, period. This applies to students,
>grad students, staff, and faculty, equally.

I am not following up to this as an official spokesperson of the CS&E
Department at UW, but I do work here as a staff person, and was
involved in discussions of our policy on this issue. Josh's
characterization is not wholly accurate. The department does not try
to define "pornography", but instead focuses on notions of
work-related and offensive material. I dare say that if someone wanted
to read or whatever, if they did it alone, either in
their office or at night with no-one around who cared, the department
wouldn't say anything. Our policy is intended only to deal with public
situations and even then, only to the extent that it interferes with
people's sensitivities. 


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