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Fri Feb 4 12:17:48 EST 1994

A note to all women-in-bio subscribers:
My sincerest apologies if I have offended anyone by expressing my opinions
concerning the Tonya Frederic/ Mike "the bozo" pornography on the
computers issue. I have had strong feelings about this, as have others,
and sometimes I get caught up in the heat of discussion.

To Josh Hayes : I'm checking on your snails. I've been out of the office
for 2 days, so I haven't had an opportunity. Send me more specifics if
you'd like a loan or something.

To Lelia Orrell: If the discussion between Josh Hayes & myself has you so
fired up you feel the need to tell me to "chill out", then you should tune
out. E-mail can be read & responded to *as you like*. No one's forcing you
to read it, no one's asking you to reply. If Josh wants to tell me to
"chill out" I can accept that. This has been a discussion he & I have
carried. And if all you can offer is "chill out", then it isn't much.

To Una Smith:  What are you so afraid of? Women, and men, in this group
have every right to ask for advice, directions and comments on any
subject. Readers may reply as they see fit, hopefully in a constructive
way (although I certainly admit to getting carried away sometimes).
And if you don't think this is an "appropriate forum", get off. 
No kidding, this isn't "a casual conversation" but who do you think might
be reading this? Spies from the CIA? Pentagon? Maybe this just isn't the
right group for you.

Does anyone else have any comments on this "counseling forum"? Perhaps we
should start trading recipes instead.

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On Tue, 1 Feb 1994, Una Smith wrote:
> A note to other readers:  This forum is not a casual conversation among
> friends.  It is a world-wide, public forum in which people who are
> (mostly) strangers to one another try to interact in old, new, and useful
> ways, and perhaps become friends.  The other participants are *not*
> necessarily our friends, nor are they necessarily being honest with us,
> nor do they necessarily have good intentions towards others, with respect
> to the requests for advice posted here.  Thus, it is in the best interests
> of everyone involved for us to think carefully about the issues that are
> presented, and not give easy, convenient answers that suit our own agendas,
> unless it really suits us to do so. 
> Personally, I do not think this is an appropriate forum in which to give
> counseling or support to people in their personal conflicts with others.
> But if that's what the majority of bionet.women-in-bio want to do here,
> then, please, be careful.
> -- 
> 	Una Smith			smith-una at
> Department of Biology, Yale University, New Haven, CT  06520-8104  USA

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