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Forwarded to me, and I'm now passing it on. I have no connection with this
conference, so please do not send queries to me. 

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> Call for Proposals:
> Women's Studies Consortium Presents the 19th
> University of Wisconsin System Women's Studies Conference:
> Proposals from outside the UW System are also invited.
> To be held at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, Nov. 10-12, 1994
> (overlapping one day with the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction's
> Equity and Multicultural Education Convention.)
> GUEST SPEAKERS INCLUDE: Sandra Harding, Karen Warren, Andy Smith.
> The conference will focus on science and technology and their effects on
> women's lives, including Health Care, Government Agencies, Environmental
> and Science Policy makers, Environmental Activists, Scientists and Engineers,
> Vocational/Technical College Faculty, Staff and Students, K-12 teachers.
> We encourage proposals of interest to a wide audience engaged with issues
> of science, technology, the environment and their relevance to women.
> Suggestions for topics include:  Teaching Science and Math to women and girls,
> transforming the science curriculum, facilitating entrance of women and girls
> into science careers, positive and negative aspects of being a woman
> scientist, history of women in science, feminist critiques of science,
> eco-feminism, how science controls society, science literacy, information
> technologies, chaos theory, images of women and science in literature,
> science and poetry, feminist science fiction/utopia, feminist research
> methodologies, women's health issues, confronting the medical establishment,
> controlling women's bodies, women and environmental activism,
> alternative/indigenous approaches to women's health, women-third world
> development and the environment.
> You may submit proposals for entire sessions/panels or for individual
> presentations that we will combine into panels.  Proposals will be evaluated
> by the Program Committee with decisions communicated by May 16, 1994
> based on quality, relevance to the conference theme (although this is not
> required), and relevance to the conference's dual audience of activists and
> academics.
>   To submit a proposal, either use the form below or write to the indicated
> address for futher information and/or a paper copy of the form.
> 595-2630)
> Complete this form and return by March 7, 1994 to:
>  Anne Statham or Clare Weber, UW-Parkside Women's Studies,
> 900 Wood Road, Box 2000, Kenosha, WI  53141-2000
> Title of panel/paper/presentation:_______________________________
> Name:___________________________________________________________
> Position and affiliation_________________________________________
> Address:_________________________________________________________
> _________________________________________________________________
> Business Phone (___)_____________   Home Phone (___)_____________
> Sessions will be organized all day Friday, Nov 11 and part of Sat,
> Nov 12.  Are any of these times impossible for you?  If so,
> please indicate here:___________________________
> Are you particularly interested in having your session be part of
> the November 10 overlap day with the DPI Equity Committee?
> Most sessions will run between 75 and 90 minutes, will your proposal fit this
> format  YES___   NO___  If no, how much time do you need? ________
> Will you need audio-visual aids?  Please specify
> Are you interested in moderating a session?  Yes___  No___
> Please check if you don't want to give a conference paper but would like
> to be sent a conference brochure_________.  Be sure to indicate your mailing
> address.
> Proposal Abstract: (200-300 words)

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