Thu Feb 24 18:44:50 EST 1994

This is a response to Craig Lewis regarding the National Agricultural Library's
response to a blasting of bovine somatotropin.  Amazingly, I feel that the
NAL actually has access to the huge body of literature on BST, and therefore,
independent of their funding source, could probably find plenty of resources
to back up their stand on the use of BST.  Interestingly, I feel that, as a
reasonably intelligent person, I am also capable of making an independent
opinion of the safety of using BST, and amazingly, I agree with the NAL!
And my funding doesn't even come from the USDA.  Craig, I think that you and
Ms. Wiggert should perhaps review the literature yourselves.  In regard to your

fear that she was fired based on her response to the network, I personally
did not get the same inference from the message from the NAL, but rather I
think that you are just over-reacting.  As for the NAL, I applaud them for
responding to an unwarranted attack.
Dr. Clara Fenger

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