pregnancy and travel

Karen Kroslowitz kroz at
Wed Jan 12 13:43:44 EST 1994

Congratulations! What a wonderful event to be expecting a baby!
You raise some good questions about the airlines and whether this is
discrimination about letting you fly. The last time I bought an airline
ticket, no one asked me whether I was pregnant and did I plan on giving
birth at 30,000 feet (I call for reservations!). Interesting how easy it
is for people to discriminate on the basis of appearance. My dad has
suffered two heart attacks, but no one has ever asked him whether he plans
on going into coronary arrest while on board a flight. 
Hey! If you see your doctor first, and get a "permission slip" from him
just in case, I don't how any airline can deny you the right to travel.
Good Luck! Best Wishes! And let us know how this all turns out!

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