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doody at cobra.uni.edu doody at cobra.uni.edu
Wed Jan 12 10:21:35 EST 1994

I have been "reading" the group for a while - and decided that as you 
onclude male biologists, you might allow a female non-biologist.  This is
my FIRST attempt at posting, so please excuse any poor netiquette!

I am part of a "snail mail' network called ACE-NIP (American Council on
Education - National Identification Program) which is devoted to the
advancement of women and minorities in higher education administration.
I just received notice of a position in biology for which we in the network
have been asked to seek female applicants.  I thought this might be a good 
way to spread the word!

The position is for an Assistant Professor with PhD and specialization in 
Molecular Biology.  The institution is Seattle University - a small (3500) 
metropolitan, undergraduate institution in Seattle (surprise!). Any who
might be interested can contact the Search Committee Chair vie e-mail at
matlock at bach.seattleu.edu or me at address below for complete published 
position information.

I have onjoyed much of the conversation - and will join in if this works
and I can contribute.

Sue Doody   
doody at cobra.uni.edu

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