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Tue Jan 11 19:17:33 EST 1994


This group has been so quiet, I thought I'd post something that may seem
trivial to you, but is non-trivial to me.  I am a woman scientist on an NIH
study section and I am planning to travel to a study section meeting early in
February when I will be 8 mos pregnant.  Many have been astounded that I plan
to do so (including my husband).  My doctor says that it's OK as long as I come
in for a check up to make sure I'm not dilating.  I have been told by several
women that the airlines will not allow me on the plane (because I might give
birth on the plane).  I thought that this was archaic practice no longer true. 
But is this the case?  Can an airline refuse to let me on just because I look
large and pregnant?  Isn't this discrimination?  I actually feel fine and am
very energetic and mobile.  I certainly would not be traveling if I or my
doctor thought that birth was imminent.  I don't think its anybody's business
other than my doctor's and mine to determine whether I'm about to have a baby
or not.  What is your recent experience out there regarding traveling by air
when pregnant?

Rae Nishi
Portland OR   

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