jnolan at jnolan at
Thu Jan 20 20:21:14 EST 1994

	    While we are on the subject of academic jobs..
I am interested in starting a discussion of smaller universities and
versus big universitities:

				What is the search committee looking for on my cv, teaching interests,
research proposal? should I "scale down" my research proposal for smaller
places or note that I can if constraints exist in terms of facilities etc.?
Or is that rude?
				My teaching experience is limited-at "big time U" post-docs are not
encouraged to teach. Will mentions of many seminars and lab meeting talks
suffice for current teaching experience to augment the grad school TA year?
    Do I mention my spouse is also a science academic?
    How do I answer the illegal question of "do you plan to have
Most of the women I know that interviewed last year got that one.

			 I have many job "applications" out and would like to remain anonymous. 

				Since I am not sure whether a smaller college or big U is my
would anyone like to summarize their views of the advantages and
in terms of stress, quality of life, grant getting?


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