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>Hello everyone,
>I'm making my first attempt to post to the network.  Specifically,
>I am trying to respond to a request by Amy Rae for information
>on genetic counseling programs.  Amy, your best bet would be to 
>contact the National Society of Genetic Counselors
>233 Canterbury Drive
>Wallingford, PA 19086  (215) 872-7608  I hope this helps, Good Luck!
>Now that I'm on I should introduce myself.  My name is Daphne Foreman
>and I am currently a postdoc at the University of Michigan.  I am 
>studying root hair development in Arabidopsis using genetics and 
>molecular biology.  I am married (to another postdoc in science
>which is turning into the dual career nightmare) and I have two
>children ages 1 and 3.  I love this network, but have been too
>shy to post until now.  Does anyone have any suggestions on the 
>academic job hunt for couples?  My thesis advisor says just ask
>for another position when I interview.  Three others have indicated
>that I shouldn't reveal anything about my personal life.  If you have
>any contributions I would love to hear them.
My husband and I went through job hunting hell about 8 years ago and I have
been on a couple of search committees since then.  People do tend to get
"scared off" from considering you if they have to worry right off the bat about
getting an academic job for your spouse.  I would advise not mentioning your
spouse until after you interview for the job.  If they are really excited about
you, they will be alot more receptive to identifying something for your spouse.
 The only time that I've seen it help to identify that your spouse is also an
academic and needs a job, is when you are being considered for a chairmanship
or division chief job.  Then the administration seems to be able to magically
create positions for spouses.  When my husband and I looked for jobs, I was
always offended that chairmen would ask me before I interviewed if I had a
spouse (I didn't know this was illegal).  We actually got turned down for
interviews at one institution even though we were first and second on the
search committee's list because we were married to each other!  All ended well
when OHSU offered us both a position (mine tenure- track; his soft- money) and
now we are both tenured.

Rae Nishi
Portland OR
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