Lesbians in science

unknown at dl.ac.uk unknown at dl.ac.uk
Fri Jan 21 21:51:13 EST 1994

In response to Spike's posting:
If you have ever been harrassed at work or at school you should report any
incident to the campus police and/or to affirmative action.  Some schools
also have a lesbian/Gay/bisexual task force which deal specifically with 
these sorts of problems.  Don't let the ANYONE terrorize you or harrass you
to the point where you feel threaned or unsafe.

As for your family; well that is a unique to each individual.  If you would

like to ta to your family about issues pertaining to your lifestyle and
you find that frustrating, you may have to make the choice someday to either
tolerate their insecurities or seperate or distance yourself more from them.
I know the types of frustrations you must be experiencing.
Hang in there!  And keep posting!  This is a great place to get all kinds
of view points and advice.
Lelia C. Orrell  University of Massachusetts/Boston

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