gender roles

H.F.J.Bligh at H.F.J.Bligh at
Tue Jan 25 05:45:22 EST 1994

Sorry, I wasn't meaning to imply that I believe that motherhood is the
only way to 'true fulfillment as a woman'. Quite the opposite in fact!
I just get the impression that many women do feel that way. There seem to 
be loads of magazine artilcles (in Britain anyway) about how that
Biological clock is ticking away and how you must do something about it
before its too late. (I expect things like that don't half help the
beauty industry too!)
Any way, I digress,. I just can't help feeling that there is a very strong
cultural influence on women to have children, for example , why is the
IVF industry booming otherwise. There was a conference in Britain about
6 months ago  and some Doctor was quoted in the National press as saying
that he thought infertility treatment should recieve moremoney from
research than cancer or heart attack work. Not surprisingly alot of people
were shocked, but I suppose it illustrates that some of the women he sees
are in a real psycological state just because they can't have children.
Personally I would much rather have a society that encourages *all* its
members to live full lives based on what they can do themselves rather
than on their ability to produce children. Icertainly hope that my 
daughter doesn't grow up believing that shes just a human reproduction machine
and what else you do with your life is immaterial.
Just my opinions, of course.

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