MS? PhD?

Wed Jan 26 15:53:28 EST 1994

 I am a second year grad student in a Molecular biology field.  I have 
recently (two weeks ago) left my permanent lab for a variety of reasons, 
most of which resulted from a combination of not really getting the kind 
of guidance I needed from my advisor and being too intimidated to know 
how to ask for it without coming across as stupid.  It seemed that the 
other people in the lab were much more advanced scientifically than I am 
or will be soon, but I kept feeling as though I should be able to think 
at the same level with the postdocs and 4th & 5th year grad students.  I 
now realize that this demand I was placing on myself was unreasonable. 
	The next decision I have to make is whether to finish this 
quarter with a Master's and get a job in industry, or to find a new lab 
and get a PhD, which was my original plan.  I am 25 and have spent 21 of 
those years in an academic environment, so I really don't even know what 
the "real world" is like.  I recognize that there are compromises with 
either decision, such as a limit on earning potential if I leave with an 
MS, and a limit on how much of my time and my life is mine if I continue 
with on the PhD track and do the postdoc thing, etc.  I would greatly 
appreciate input from people out there who have experience in either 
area (or both!!)

	Megan            igo at uclabio.bitnet or igo at
	UCLA Bio Dept

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