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Tue Jan 25 13:22:42 EST 1994

In article <2i2t82$4lv at> H.F.J.Bligh at writes:
>Sorry, I wasn't meaning to imply that I believe that motherhood is the
>only way to 'true fulfillment as a woman'. Quite the opposite in fact!
>I just get the impression that many women do feel that way. There seem to 
>be loads of magazine artilcles (in Britain anyway) about how that
>Biological clock is ticking away and how you must do something about it
>before its too late. (I expect things like that don't half help the
>beauty industry too!)
>Any way, I digress,. I just can't help feeling that there is a very strong
>cultural influence on women to have children, for example , why is the


>Just my opinions, of course.

Hi Frankie,  I think the biological clock thing is quite prevalent here 
(US) too.  But about the cultural bias for women to reproduce:  Don't
you think tht there is as much of a bias for men to do so?  You know
the bit about "carrying on the family name" and all of that?  I've
heard people comment that a daughter's children just don't quite mean the
same thing as a son's.


ps  Rae Nishi, can you help Brandi with the Med school question?
	and hello from OSU :-)

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